Spotlight: Jade Le Flay

Soapbox Agency is excited to welcome the newest addition to the roster, Jade Le Flay. If you haven’t heard of Jade yet it’s only a matter of time before you do.

Le Flay has been playing at venues across Australia and already has international shows under her belt. Her sets are a mix of electronic future bass trap and hip hop/R&B with a hint of jungle spice, jersey and house.

Read her full spotlight below;

Can you describe your musical style in five words?
Animated, eclectic, effervescent, dope and fun.


If people take one thing away from your show, what is it? What would you want it to be?
I want people to feel energised – as though they’ve just had the most vibey and fun time with a the right amount of grimy and ghetto feels.


Who’s your dream musical collab?
My dream collab used to be Diplo and Skrillex – so epic. But they’ve got that locked down with Jack Ü. Flume x Kendrick…that would be cool.


Three things you can’t live without at a festival…
My crew, le sun and all of the bangers.


Fool proof dance floor filler track
GoldLink – Dance on Me – Carmack’s remix #3

If you could go back in time to one show, what gig or event would you travel to?
Oh my – there are too many to choose from! The last time I played in Bali at La Favela – we landed at 11:30pm and went straight there to play. Bottles of champagne were sprayed throughout the joint during my set and I played 2 encores. It was wild and fabulous.


Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
First to come to mind are Snakehips, Alunageorge, Wave Racer, Luca Lush and Troyboi.


What are your go to opening and closing tunes for a set?
I like to open with something excited and new but otherwise Basenji – ‘Dawn’ or this bass house rework I have of Drake’s – ‘Hotline Bling’ has been superb! I tend to close with something that feels glorious – like ASAP Ferg’s – ‘Work’.


How did you get into music?
I have a background in dance and my Dad is a drummer….my uncle and my Dad were both DJs too, so I’ve been exposed to it since forever. For me personally, I began by taping songs onto cassettes, finding the best tracks online for my MySpace and Bebo profiles (I was super competitive about it too), regularly made what we thought were the dopest compilation CDS for our friends, finding the latest and hottest tracks to teach to at dance, underage clubbing and a stage of collecting vinyl. I’ve spent the better part of my days and late nights digging for music on the internet – pretty much standard!



What are your plans for the future?
I have plans but I can’t talk about them because I’m too shy haha! You’ll just have to see!


Stay connected with Jade Le Flay – Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud


Check out Jade Le Flay’s full profile here

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