If you’ve ever broken the seal in a badly lit highway bathroom, inhaled a dirty kebab at a late night eatery or thrown up at a skate park, you’ve probably seen the name A-Tonez. You’ve probably wondered who the hell A-Tonez is, and why his face is following you all over Australia and even to that naughty weekend that you spent in New Zealand.

The A-Tonez legend begins in Sydney, where he became well renowned for his party rocking style and versatility, spinning anything That makes people move. His energetic style has him playing the main room of most major venues in Australia on a regular basis.

The reason A-Tonez stands out from the bunch is because of his superior showmanship. In a world of button pushers, he is a respected turntablist; scratching & sampling like a madman throughout every set.

People that have seen his energy on stage compare it to things like a homeless man who has just won the lottery or a Mexican jumping bean being electrocuted with 50,000 volts. You could say he doesn’t stay in the same place much.

Promoters also love his style. He has been booked to play at almost every major music festival that has found its way to our shores. A-Tonez knows how to deliver on the big stage.

Coming up on 18 years in the business, there are a lot of achievements and accolades lying in his wake.

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