The name Beast Mode is the perfect explanation to describe this Australian Based dj & beat manipulator. With a rapidly growing fan base, Beast has quickly become an international name recognized in the Dj & Turntablist world. His unique style of replaying tracks live for the screaming crowds who go absolutely bezerk watching, and hearing tracks get creatively and masterfully remixed live is nothing short of dj insanity.

In such a short time he has already accomplished more then most, having won the 2016 Australian National Redbull Dj Championships, being named as the favorite to go on to win the World Championships.

Not only is Beast Mode an accomplished Dj, a next level Turntablist, one of the most explosive and exciting dj acts to witness. He also steps it up creating very heavy tunes with his production ability, working with many industry heavyweights.

This Multi Talented artist is nothing short of Insane,while being amazing. Beast Mode has a unique style, a style which is rare to find in djs by todays standards.

His goal is to leave every crowed screaming for more, while concentrating his passion for going absolutely Beast at his shows and in his production.

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