Supremely talented and equally ambitious, Nate “Nacho Pop” Mendelsohn has established himself in Australia as a leading choreographer, presenter and performer, and one of the most respected names in the business.

Arriving from the US in 1999, Nacho has been involved in some of the biggest Australian productions and promotions from the beginning. Starting out in film clips and TV commercials, he began working with big name brands such as Channel V Dance Space, McDonalds, Coke and Evian. He also quickly established ties with the music scene, firstly through his work with artists such as Bliss n Eso, Paulini, Girlband and Amy Pearson. Nacho soon stepped it up to international stars, from Pharrell Williams, Guru from Gangstarr, to The Black Eyed Peas.

As Nacho’s career picked up speed, his public visibility increased alongside it. Landing the role of main hip-hop choreographer and backstage host for So You Think You Can Dance Australia, the public, the media and global brands soon responded. Voted 2nd runner up in Cleo Bachelor of the Year in 2008, Nacho was also made, and remains to this day, the first non-sport Australian ambassador for Puma.

Nacho also caught the attention of the arts industry in Australia, chosen to choreograph and open the Sydney Fashion Festival, and the surprise guest dancer in 2012 Sydney Symphony “Vanguard” Launch.

Nacho’s strongest links, however, remain with the music and dance scene, collaborating with some of the best performers, musicians, DJs and dancers around. Working closely with artists such as Spit Syndicate, Marvin Priest, Horrorshow, The Meeting Tree, Justice Crew, Dane Rumble, Nacho’s ear and passion for music has also established him as one of the most well regarded DJs in Sydney.

And it doesn’t stop there – Nacho is an inducted member of both the international funkstyle crew Star Connection, and the original Bboy crew Mighty Zulu Kingz. As president of MZK, Alien Ness has sought to fill the organisation with the best dancers, DJs, MCs, producers and promoters worldwide, and Nacho fit the bill. These connections make Nacho a leading figure in the underground dance scene in Australia and internationally, allowing him to constantly develop his style and his skills alongside the best hip-hop talents in the world.

And his career only continues to grow – exciting, multi-talented and endlessly driven, Nacho is unstoppable.

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